Shannon Peters - Author of Erotic Romance
Excerpt from Dream Weaver, by Shannon Peters
Summer Solstice Scorchers Anthology

He slid his hands down her chest and over her breast. She exhaled slowly as he caressed her flesh, her heart rate picking up in pace. He nestled between her thighs as he stroked her body with his hot touch, increasing the tempo of her arousal. She arched her back against the black silken sheets, the caress of the material bringing the rest of her senses awake.

She could easily see her lover despite the darkness. Broad shoulders, smooth skin over a muscled torso, and long dark hair that swung in a curtain as he lowered his head. His large penis rose from a nest of hair between powerful thighs, his strength and size alarming and tantalizing.

She could smell incense, smoky sandalwood and sexy male. His lips touched hers in an open-mouthed kiss. He tasted of red wine and chocolate, sex and sin, as he slid his tongue inside her mouth. She groaned at his invasion, and invasion it was. He dueled and conquered, consuming her with his lips. He pulled away from her, and she gasped for breath.

He knelt at the apex of her thighs, bending over to kiss her breasts. Her breath hitched as his tongue flicked against her nipple. Her crotch grew damp, weeping for similar attention. She felt so hot as he ran his hands down the sides of her breasts and across her stomach. Her eyes rolled back in pleasure when he touched her core. Her nipples glistened from his saliva, tightening in the cool air.

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