Shannon Peters - Author of Erotic Romance
Excerpt from The Raven's Curse, by Shannon Peters
Samhain Scorchers Anthology

Gentle hands stroked her forehead. She was surrounded by warmth. A husky voice whispered endearments into her hair, her ear. She shuddered as she felt the warm brush of breath against her neck. A finger traced lightly down the side of her face, then her neck, to trace the indent of her collarbone. Heat bloomed from the point of contact, spreading down over her breasts. Her nipples tightened in reaction and her breathing slowed. Oh, that feels good.

She felt warm lips against her forehead, and they followed the path of the finger. She moaned. The lips paused just under her jaw line, and she lifted her head to offer her neck to the questing mouth. A tongue flicked out, lightly tasting the side of her neck. Lexie arched her back as her breasts swelled, begging for attention.

Her eyelids fluttered open. A face surrounded by chestnut hair slowly swam into focus. Handsome, with pronounced cheekbones and sexy lips. Eyes the colour of golden sherry met hers, tender yet hot in their stare.

Those seductive lips that had so aroused her slowly lifted in a smile that made her toes curl. Her own mouth mirrored the smile before he lowered his head to hers. She closed her eyes again as his lips met hers.
Her mouth opened to accept his kiss, and she moaned as his tongue swept in and duelled with her own. Strong arms enveloped her, lifting her toward a broad, muscled chest. Her head fell back under the onslaught of his kiss. She felt surrounded, unable to defend herself against the weapons of his ravishing siege.

A large hand stole around her side and she purred as it palmed her breast through her silk shirt. Her nipple tightened even further, budding under the fabric. Her arms stole around her lover's neck as he deepened the kiss, his weight bearing down on her. She relished his hard, muscular body against hers. She ran her hands down his back and halted when she felt something soft. Downy. Feathers?

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