Shannon Peters - Author of Erotic Romance
Excerpt from The Resurrection, by Shannon Peters
Torrid Teasers Vol. 36

Wait a minute! Jessica frowned. This wasn’t the way to the church. She watched as the hired car pulled into a dirt drive bearing no signage and showing signs of neglect. They had left her home and had been driving for a good half an hour before she’d felt the need for fresh air. Up until then she hadn’t paid any attention to the trip. From her home in Windsor that could mean they were anywhere. Or nowhere.

The car pulled off to the side of a leaning shed that Jessica could only assume was meant to be a garage. She wouldn’t trust it to stand over the limousine either, if that was the driver’s concern. She watched in consternation as the driver’s door opened and the uniformed chauffeur got out and made his way to her door. Before she could say anything he had opened the door, climbed in and sat in the seat opposite her. Jessica’s jaw dropped. What the hell was going on? She hadn’t really paid attention to the driver when she’d gotten into the vehicle, but she could see that he was a handsome fellow. Admittedly it was difficult to tell as his visor was pulled down low and the reflective lenses of his sunglasses only threw her appearance back at her. A gloved hand slowly raised itself and removed the sunglasses.

She gasped.

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