Shannon Peters - Author of Erotic Romance
Excerpt from SUN DANCER, by Shannon Peters

“You can’t be leaving already, surely? The fun is only just beginning.” He used a gentle tone, as though soothing a frightened runner-beast.

Fiona could hear sounds from the activities behind her that both spurred her need to run, yet tempted her to stay. She could hear whispering, sighing. The sounds of men grunting and women moaning filled her ears. She forced her eyes to meet his, desperately trying to ignore the unrestrained guests behind her.

“I must go,” she panted. She tried once again to escape. His hand shot out, hauling her back around so she stood with her back against him, staring with fascinated horror at the tableau before them.

“But you’ll miss this,” he whispered. Fiona could feel his breath against her ear. She shuddered. Oh, sweet Maiden! Her swelling breasts were pushing out of her dress, and her nipples tightened almost painfully. She wanted him to touch them, stroke them. She folded her arms and gripped herself tightly. She didn’t know what she might do if she didn’t hold herself in check. As she took in the scene before her, her eyes widened.

Naked bodies undulated, pressing and parting. Indistinct forms writhed and wriggled and shadows danced. Falling fabric whispered of naked intention. Heads bobbed, as lips encircled nipples and shafts, and husky exhalations didn’t quite filter out the slick sounds of mating. She could see the sheen of perspiration glistening on breasts and buttocks as the clouds broke apart again. The musky scent of arousal teased her nostrils, sending arousing messages to her intimate zones. The sexy signals came not only from the group in front of her, but from the man behind her and, oh falda, her own scent as heat warmed her scanty panties.

The hairs on her arms stood to attention. Her thighs grew slick with her desire, and she trembled as her new acquaintance stroked his hand from her shoulder, down her arm, to rest under her breast. The outline of her nipples through the mothsilk were clearly visible, and she knew from his height, looking down over her shoulder, he had a full view of her scantily covered bosom. His breath whispered into her ear, and his teeth nipped at her earlobe. Liquid warmth swept from that point of contact down to her chest, blazing over her breasts. It increased in speed and temperature as it swarmed down to her core. Oh, she felt so hot, so languid. A breeze blew over her shoulder and across her chest, and it took her a moment to realise it was his breath. Both of his large, warm hands rose to cover her breasts.

Oh, sweet Maid, this can’t be happening. Her eyes slid shut as she lifted her chest into his grasp. She should put a little distance between their bodies. She should leave. Instead she found herself relaxing fully against his body. It felt warm and hard against her back. His considerable erection nestled between the cleft in her buttocks, and she instinctively wiggled, letting the firm shaft slide up and down her crack.

His groan in her ear, so similar to the other sounds emanating from the group in front of her, jolted her back to her senses. What was she doing? She jerked herself free, muttered an apology, and ran for the door.

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